Best Campgrounds in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is home to many campgrounds. They offer hiking, wildlife spotting, and unique island adventures.

Families often want places with playgrounds and swimming pools, while individuals seeking solitude prefer quiet areas. Hikers look for campgrounds close to trails, and kayakers need easy access to the water. The most popular campgrounds provide something for everyone, ensuring cleanliness, helpful staff, and care for the natural surroundings.

Are you excited to set up your tent under Newfoundland’s skies? Start exploring these various campgrounds and find your island bliss!

Terra Nova National Park

Swap your everyday routine for days hiking through fjords shaped by age-old glaciers. Imagine spending your evenings by a warm fire under the stars, perhaps seeing a magnificent whale breaking the ocean’s surface.

Terra Nova provides campsites suited to all preferences, from those with ocean views carrying salt to private forest hideaways alive with nature. Don’t forget to bring your zest for adventure and prepare to be amazed by this stunning island.

Gros Morne National Park

Have you ever fantasized about paddling next to immense icebergs in bright blue bays? Or walking across the Tablelands’ old rocks, as if you’d landed in a different world? Gros Morne turns fantasies into experiences.

Following your day’s journey, relax at a campsite surrounded by high mountains, where only the wind breaks the quiet. Take countless pictures of the awe-inspiring landscape, though they can never fully capture its grandeur.

Pippy Park Campgrounds

If you’re looking for a brief retreat from urban life close to home, Pippy Park is just right. Set up your camp moments from St. John’s downtown and explore a world of options.

Trek up Signal Hill, explore engaging museums or unwind on sandy beaches caressed by sea breeze. All this within easy reach of lively shopping and tasty eateries. It’s a seamless mix of natural serenity and urban amenities.

Visualize yourself swimming in pristine freshwater ponds surrounded by vibrant forests alive with buzzing creatures. Enjoy casual walks on scenic paths and make s’mores under star-filled skies.

Butter Pot Provincial Park

Butter Pot is beloved by families for its gentle beaches—perfect for building sandcastles and frolicking in the surf—and playgrounds resonating with joyful noises.

Make sure you’re there when the sun sets. The sky’s fiery colours are breathtaking. This park is ideal for kicking back, reconnecting, and making memories to last a lifetime.

Barachois Pond Provincial Park

Picture yourself gliding over calm freshwater ponds surrounded by active wetlands where ospreys and colourful songbirds live. Inhale the crisp air while paddling, then switch to your hiking boots and walk the trails where it’s easy to spot deer and rabbits. Unwind next to a warm fire under a star-filled sky.

J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park

Beach lovers, try dipping your toes into fine, golden sands, creating impressive sandcastles, or jumping into turquoise waters that sparkle in the sunlight. Walk along coastal pathways for stunning views from clifftops, and later unwind under starry skies to sea sounds.

Remember to bring your camera to capture the sunset that drenches the sky in memorable shades.

LaManche Provincial Park

History enthusiasts and nature seekers discover La Manche’s past through its quaint French remnants. Brace yourself for a hike on coastal paths that offer sweeping ocean views.

Set up camp near an old lighthouse where the wind carries the echoes of maritime tales and shipwreck lore. For birdwatchers, this stretch of coastline is alive with birds of many feathers.

Dildo Run Provincial Park

Look beyond the name – this place is tranquil and beautiful through and through. Glide in your kayak over serene freshwater ponds that mirror the surrounding greenery. Follow trails under soaring trees whispering soft breezes. Rest beneath ancient pines, where silent reverie and star-filled nights await you.

It’s an ideal spot for families wanting outdoor fun, birdwatchers looking for rare species, or those wishing for a quiet retreat from the daily hustle. Be sure to boat out to Dildo Island to discover historical sites along its secret shores.

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