Best Places to Live in Newfoundland

Wondering where the best spot to live in Newfoundland is? Well, it varies because best carries different meanings for everyone. If you love lively city vibes, St. John’s could be your spot with its active arts culture and thriving pubs.

On the flip side, if serenity by the sea calls to you, a place like Bonavista with its sweeping ocean views and warm community could feel like home. Or maybe you’re searching for affordability and a sense of belonging. Smaller areas like Trinity offer bright houses and close communities.

Finding the best place is about discovering where you fit best. Think about what truly brings you joy – whether that’s nature, culture, community, or cost-effectiveness – then get out there and start your search! Talk to people who live there, do your research, and visit if you can.

Explore a list of the best places to live in Newfoundland.

St. John’s

Are you yearning for earthy charm mixed with lively city vibes? St. John’s is your spot! Imagine vibrant jellybean houses along cobblestone lanes, tucked-away pubs with bands playing each night, and plenty of festivals to fill your schedule.

Just bring a coat and be ready for wild weather – it keeps life interesting, doesn’t it?

Corner Brook

If you love the outdoors but also enjoy city life, Corner Brook is your slice of paradise. Trek through Gros Morne National Park one day, paddle in the fjords, and enjoy an evening theater performance.

You’ll always be greeted with friendly smiles and generous hospitality here. Think of it as a community where everyone knows your name, and don’t be surprised if you spot a moose or two.


For those who fancy a city infused with history and global culture, consider Gander. This small town is full of aviation folklore and worldwide connections.

You can get lost in aviation history, stroll on serene beaches, or enjoy international cuisine at a local eatery. It’s like a crossroads of cultures without bureaucracy.

Grand Falls-Windsor

Looking for a place rich in history and natural splendor? Grand Falls-Windsor beckons! Discover breathtaking waterfalls, admire classic downtown buildings, and delve into how the town left its mark on Newfoundland’s past.

If you’re into the arts, then you’re in luck – there’s plenty to inspire you here.

Mount Pearl

If you’re drawn to a quaint town atmosphere with access to metropolitan amenities, Mount Pearl is ideal for you.

Right next to St. John’s, this spot has tranquil streets, family-oriented communities, and all urban excitement just minutes away. Consider it your tranquil retreat within arm’s reach of the city bustle.

Conception Bay South

Imagine a place where city energy and quaint small-town appeal come together. Conception Bay has the latest conveniences, welcoming neighbourhoods, and a short drive to St. John’s whenever you crave excitement of a larger metropolis.

You’re just moments away from breathtaking ocean vistas and outdoor activities. It’s the ideal mix of easy living and seaside splendour.


This town lives up to its name – it really is paradise! Right by St. John’s, it delivers cost-effective housing, parks great for families, and a tight-knit community vibe.

You’re near all that’s happening downtown, yet free from its constant buzz. Picture peaceful evenings on your porch swing with spirited city weekends at your fingertips.

Bay Roberts

If you adore the sea, this historic fishing town is for you! Bay Roberts is lined with rugged shorelines, welcoming locals, and retains a strong maritime heritage.

Visualize yourself catching fresh lobsters, paddling through hidden inlets by kayak, and absorbing tales of seafaring life through songs by area musicians. It’s a charming throwback to simpler times, infused with modern necessities.


If you want a sampling of everything Newfoundland has to offer, Clarenville should be your destination. The town showcases historical landmarks and museums, buzzing festivals and varied outdoor pursuits.

Wander through Salmonier Nature Park, enjoy a performance at the Earle Theatre or unwind on the waterfront with the sea breeze. Clarenville makes experiencing Newfoundland’s allure easy.


In Stephenville, affordable living meets a close-knit community ethos against exceptional scenery. Here, you have quick access to hiking trails, picturesque beaches, and an extraordinary inland fjord.

Known for cordial residents and community values, think neighbourhood barbeques spilling into the night under some of the starry skies you’ll witness.

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