Best Places to See Icebergs in Newfoundland

Get ready to trade your land legs for sea adventures, and feel the thrill of Newfoundland’s incredible icebergs. These massive chunks of ice drift down from the Arctic, creating a dramatic scene along our rugged coastline. Picture the towering peaks of ice shining in the sunlight, breaking off with loud crashes, and scattering smaller pieces of ice behind them.

If you love adventure and seek chilling experiences or just want to see nature’s majesty, Newfoundland offers the ideal iceberg experience for you. There are boat tours for intimate views and scenic spots for breathtaking wide-angle views that will leave you awestruck (and a bit wet – but that adds to the excitement!).

Here is a list of the best places to see icebergs in Newfoundland.

St. John’s

Got a hankering to see icebergs without moving too far? No sweat! The city lets you spot these giants from the shore. Check out Signal Hill and Cape Spear for sweeping views where icebergs drift past the rugged coast.

Feeling adventurous? Take a boat tour to get up close and personal, and snap some amazing photos – be ready for a breathtaking experience (and a bit of spray!)


History enthusiasts and icy wonder fans, celebrate! Twillingate combines historical charm with cold excitement. Wander through old whaling ports, then take to the sea to see enormous icebergs making your boat seem tiny.

Watch for dolphins and humpback whales that often play near the ice – it’s an extraordinary two-for-one


Bonavista is the right spot for thrilling sea quests. Face the open waters and be greeted by fin whales or, if fortune smiles, the magnificent blue whale – our planet’s biggest animal!

And, of course, witness massive icebergs breaking away in mighty crashes, leaving behind a sparkling trail of smaller ice pieces. Bring your medicine for sea sickness and your eagerness – this is one for your collection of memories!


Looking for a quaint getaway with cool companions? Ferryland has it all! This historic fishing village gives you picturesque iceberg views from its coastal edges, offset by stunning cliffs.

Walk the scenic paths for breathtaking scenes or simply enjoy a hot cuppa at a cafe as the icebergs float past – it’s pure wonder from Newfoundland!

St. Anthony

Roam around this quaint fishing village with its vibrant homes, then take a boat trip to Iceberg Alley. Immense icebergs drift past, with dolphins frolicking nearby, and the impressive cliffs of L’Anse Amour make for a breathtaking scene.

And just so you know, keep an eye out for the hard-spotted northern bottlenose whale – it’s a chilly encounter that’s sure to stick with you!

Fogo Island

For solitude, Fogo Island is your destination. Trek the rugged cliffs for sweeping views of massive icebergs scattered across the sea or settle into a cosy inn and gaze at them floating by your window.

Make sure to immerse yourself in the island’s distinct culture and savor the local seafood – it’s an iceberg experience sprinkled with Newfoundland’s own flavour.

Battle Harbour

Calling all history lovers and iceberg fans! This revitalized 19th-century fishing settlement merges historical intrigue with contemporary charm.

Stroll through ancient structures echoing stories from the past, then jump on a boat tour to see enormous icebergs loom over the picturesque harbor. Have your camera ready – you won’t want to miss these legendary snapshots.


History fills Trinity’s old cobblestone paths but out on the water, it’s a parade of icy behemoths! Visit age-old landmarks before embarking on a boat to see humpback whales leaping near colossal icebergs.

Here’s a tip: these icebergs are drawn to the underwater peaks in this area, so stay alert for awe-inspiring moments!

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