Best Whale Watching Places in Newfoundland

Whale watching is an experience you’ll always remember. Picture huge whales emerging from the ocean, racing through blue waves and trailing bubbles. Imagine humpbacks soaring into the air, minke whales darting by your boat, or a group of orcas gliding across the sea. These sights aren’t fleeting; they’re unforgettable memories.

With 22 species inhabiting these waters, every trip is a surprise. You might see dolphins frolicking, colossal fin whales next to your boat, or even the rare and impressive blue whale. The abundant nutrients in these waters draw them close, so sightings are common.

Which experience is right for you? Maybe you crave the excitement of a small boat, where you can feel the ocean mist as whales surface close by. Some tours specialize in certain species, while others give you a broad view of life below the surface.

Here are the best places for whale watching in Newfoundland

St. Anthony

Have you ever dreamt of watching dolphins play and dance alongside impressive humpback whales? Or perhaps catch a glimpse of the mysterious northern bottlenose whale as it moves through the icy waters? Visit St. Anthony!

Get a feel for life in a historic fishing village, take in the sights of massive icebergs along Iceberg Alley, and then take a boat tour. Watch out for whales leaping out of the water near L’Anse Amour – the view is spectacular! This place will win you over, believe me.


If you love history and whales, Twillingate calls your name! It’s a place where history meets modern day. Take a walk through old outports where echoes of the island’s whaling history can be heard, then set sail to get up close with minke whales, humpbacks, and orcas!

A bit of advice: whales are drawn to these striking coastlines, so brace yourself for amazing sights. The mix of history and nature here is one you’ll remember for a long time.

Bay Bulls

Want amazing experiences close to hand? Bay Bulls is right near St. John’s and offers incredible whale watching just outside the city limits.

Watch in awe as humpback whales leap from the water, see minke whales dart around quickly, and enjoy observing playful harbour porpoises flip. It’s an ideal getaway for making lasting memories without going far.

Witless Bay

Brace yourself for unforgettable moments! This sanctuary is known for its humpback whales and you might also see dolphins and cute puffins too. Walk through the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve for stunning cliffside views, then jump on a boat tour for an experience you won’t forget.

Remember to respect the animals around you and keep your camera ready – these experiences are epic!


Listen to history whisper down Trinity’s cobblestone streets and find an ocean brimming with life beyond its quaint village atmosphere. Visit historic landmarks and then embark on a journey into waters home to cruising humpback whales, minke whales, and dolphins.

Here’s another tip: these whales seem to enjoy the sea’s underwater terrain here, so watch for dramatic whale breaches – they’re an unforgettable sight!


Bonavista is where adventure lovers meet their match. Head out to sea and you’ll be greeted by fin whales, dolphins at play, and perhaps even the gigantic blue whale. It’s the planet’s biggest animal!

Remember to bring something for seasickness and remember your sense of wonder. This trip will make memories.

Cape Spear

Cape Spear is on the brink of a continent with more than just stunning views. Prime for whale watching, this place lets you witness humpbacks breaking the water’s surface, minke whales passing by, and dolphins enjoying the Atlantic surge.

Mix towering cliffs with thunderous waves and memorable marine sightings for an authentic Newfoundland day out. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and enjoy the view.

Gros Morne National Park

Experience both land and sea adventures as Gros Morne National Park invites you to trek through magnificent fjords. You can paddle on ancient glacial waters, and relax at campsites listening to the whales.

Join a boat tour for a close encounter with breaching humpbacks, cruising minke whales, and friendly dolphins for company. With striking scenery and marine life encounters that stick with you, this park delivers it all.

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