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Music NL & More

Oct 28 , 2013
Category: Music

Well it's been quite a while since I've updated the blog, so I guess it's time to dust off the ol' keyboard....

This province was a beehive of activity this summer with festival, concerts and more, now into the fall not much has slowed down. The St. John's Women International Film Festival has wrapped up and we are heading into the MusicNL awards and Christmas shows.

Lets touch on the MusicNL awards first. The awards will be handed out the weekend od November 8th, with a number of groups and artists looking at mulitply nominations. Ennis, RocketRocket Ship & Craig Young come to mind with 5 or more nominations. I myself have been nominated for Media Person of the Year, so on that note, thanks to those who put my name forward and to include me in such a great group of nominees.....I'll write a follow up blog to the MusicNL weekend when I return from Gander.

I mentioned Christmas shows and there will be plenty as always to see but when it comes to Christmas and finding music for your loved ones, where can you turn?

There have been a number of releases this year including

Shanneyganock's Rockin' on the Water

Craig Young's Black Diamond Strings

Andrew Ledrew's Fair Winds

John Curran's Unconditional

and Duane Andrews and Craig Young have just released "Charlie's Boogie" too name a few.

What new CD this year would you suggest to a friend?