Hallmark Christmas Movies Filmed in Newfoundland

Let’s get comfortable with some warm hot chocolate and talk about something we hold dear – Hallmark Christmas movies, this time with a Newfoundland twist!

Think back to those cold nights wrapped in blankets, seeing love bloom under twinkling lights and trees adorned just right. Now picture all that holiday charm set on our amazing island, with wild shorelines, quaint fishing towns, and the friendliest folks you’re likely to meet.

Hallmark has been sharing Christmas joy here in Newfoundland, and yes, I’ve been glued to my screen (and perhaps even daydreaming about my own charming fisherman love story)!

Here is my recommended list of Hallmark Christmas movies filmed in Newfoundland, Canada. Prepare for touching narratives, stunning views, and a hearty helping of holiday cheer.

My Christmas Guide (2023)

This holiday season, explore the festive charm with Emily, a college professor played by Amber Marshall, in My Christmas Guide. She discovers the true spirit of Christmas while helping Michael (Ben Mehl), a lovely but aimless student. Picture Pay It Forward combined with Miracle on 34th Street, filled with warmth.

Also, this story takes place in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland. Watch for famous sights like Jellybean Row and Signal Hill views, and you might even see Iceberg Alley!

Everything Christmas (2020)

Explore a story about family bonds and Christmas enchantment in Everything Christmas. Brittany Bristow portrays Sarah, who must decide the fate of her inherited family’s Christmas tree farm. Will she sell it or keep the family legacy alive? You’ll laugh and shed a tear as Sarah’s emotional journey unfolds.

And don’t forget about those irresistible Christmas cookies – they will surely have you longing for Newfoundland’s festive sweets. This film invites you to celebrate time-honoured customs and family happiness over the holidays.

Merry Mystery Christmas (2022)

If you love an entertaining whodunit with holiday romance, Merry Mystery Christmas is for you. Emilie Ullerup stars as Joan, a writer investigating a Christmas murder mystery in Newfoundland. As she unravels clues, she falls for both the scenic small town charm and Ben (Giles Panton), an intriguing local artist.

Imagine Murder She Wrote blended with When Calls the Heart, during Christmastime. You’ll encounter quaint villages on the shore, hidden coves filled with mystery, and stunning coastal views. This engaging movie delivers suspense and romance until its conclusion.

A New Year’s Resolution (2021)

For those who adore a tender love story served with culinary delight, A New Year’s Resolution is the ideal viewing. Aimee Teegarden plays Jenna, a hopeful woman seeking romance as the new year begins. Her journey takes her to Newfoundland where David (Luke Macfarlane), a captivating local chef enters her life.

Picture The Notebook paired with New Year’s Eve, set against picturesque winter landscapes, cozy local pubs and perhaps even a view of Bonavista Lighthouse. If you’re someone who savours tasty food scenes in movies, you’re in for a treat here too.

Love, Classified (2022)

Are you up for an adventure and single? Meet Amelia (Melora Hardin), a woman looking for love through a classified ad and finds herself heading to Newfoundland! Imagine Sleepless in Seattle meets When Calls the Heart with a captivating fisherman named Dylan (Katherine McNamara) added to the scene.

Brace yourself for stunning coastal views, relaxing fireside nights, and possibly a look at Signal Hill. This is while Amelia hunts for romance where she least expects it.

Christmas in Honeysuckle Lane (2022)

There’s no place like home during the festive season! Watch Alison Sweeney as Sarah, who heads back to her Newfoundland roots for Christmas to determine her family inn’s future. It’s like It’s a Wonderful Life crosses paths with The Christmas Cottage but with an extra dose of warmth.

You’ll be treated to classic Christmas customs, touching moments with family, and perhaps even a re-ignited flame with her childhood love (Marcus Rosner). Look forward to quaint village streets and stunning snowy scenes that might make you long for a holiday trip back home!

Christmas on Mistletoe Lake (2022)

Ditch the festive frenzy for an enjoyable Christmas escape! Kellie Martin portrays Willa, who travels to a secluded Newfoundland locale for the holidays. She is drawn to Aiden (Luke Macfarlane), the local innkeeper. Picture The Innkeeper’s Daughter joining forces with Christmas Under the Stars, all wrapped up in a charming winter setting.

Get ready for snow-draped settings, warm evenings, and small town life. Aiden’s allure might sweep you off your feet and spark ideas for your own cozy Christmas retreat!

A Very Charming Christmas Town (2022)

Experience the majesty of Christmas combined with the lure of small-town life! Jodie Sweetin plays Chloe, who goes to a scenic Newfoundland community to help with Christmas festivities. Imagine The Christmas Town converging with Christmas in Evergreen, sprinkled with hometown charm.

Look forward to vibrant holiday decor, community cheer, and perhaps even a growing affection for the charismatic mayor (Trevor Donovan). Prepare for singing carols under shimmering lights, competitive gingerbread crafting, and loads of festive joy!

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