How to Arrange Furniture Around a Fireplace

Interior design is one of those aspects of life that can be as personalized as you’d like it to be. Everyone has unique tastes and preferences for what looks creatively comfortable to them. As a result, you may have different opinions on various aspects of the living room than others.

For starters, some of us may have a fireplace inside our main spaces that are used now and again. Rather than just settling for a boring visual, you can experiment with the design using furniture. Of course, there are various design elements that you should consider before doing so.

Here’s a guide on how to arrange furniture around a fireplace:

Assess the space around the fireplace.

First and foremost, you should always aim to review how the space with the fireplace appears. Since the dimensions and look of each room will vary, you should note down your key aspects on a document. For example, write down the space’s physical dimensions before moving on.

Then, you need to also consider what sorts of furniture will be arranged around the fireplace itself. You can’t just put a coffee table nearby and call it a day. There needs to be a smart integration of the table near the fireplace so that the entire area looks cohesive. The fun parts will come after you finish this initial review!

Get the furniture.

An extension of the previous point concerns what sort of indoor furniture you will include in the room. The fireplace inside this space should not be overwhelmed by various furniture pieces. This will create a messy visual and can degrade the look you originally set out to complete.

Instead, try to use as few pieces of furniture as possible in quantity. Even though you will not be using much, the overall goal is to have every furniture piece play a role. You can get many of these essential items, from the sofa to the chairs to the coffee table. Organizing them is easy, but knowing what to include is more important!

Align the furniture with the fireplace.

Speaking of organizing, you want to be able to create symmetry within the overall environment. This creates a degree of creative cohesiveness that was not possible before. Since most homeowners with a fireplace will have it in a horizontal position, apply this in practice. Your furniture should be arranged in a way that keeps things consistent.

For example, your coffee table should not be placed in the middle of the room but a vertical manner. If it is not positioned by the right pieces of furniture, it can confuse terms of design. So, keep your essential pieces aligned with the fireplace as best as you can. That way, it will become something worth admiring!

Space the furniture around the fireplace.

The spacing will also be important in terms of how to correctly arrange the furniture around the fireplace. For instance, you do not just want to place a coffee table two feet away from the actual fireplace. Every position must serve a purpose, and that sentiment goes double for the spacing rule.

Generally, you should estimate at least six to ten feet of space between your furniture and fireplace. Of course, this will be contingent on the physical dimensions of your room itself. If you need to experiment with the spacing frequently, feel free to do so when possible.

Add secondary furniture around the fireplace.

While the core pieces of furniture, like a coffee table, will play their part, other items could be useful too. For example, you can amplify the overall space with miscellaneous accessories or furniture. A couple of potted plants on each side of the fireplace will look wonderful in its overall execution.

Or, you may want to make use of the mantle above the fireplace as well. Many individuals use this part to place a couple of framed photographs on top. Not only does it add an extra layer of flair, but it continues to make the entire space look personable. Determine how these will work with your core pieces, and you will be good to go.

Decorate the furniture and fireplace.

Above all else, the colours on the walls will greatly influence the final result. While you can succeed with arranging your furniture, you should think about what colours are used. Sometimes, warmer and darker colours can detract from the overall imagery.

Try to use a colour palette that can balance out the furniture in the room, as well as the glow of the fireplace. If all else fails, a neutral hue such as white can work. It is all about striking the right balance, after all!

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