What You Should Bring on Trips to India

Travelling to India is bound to be one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of your life. However, its size, population, varying weather, and plethora of languages might seem a bit intimidating to some people at first. With all of these things to consider, the planning process can be a bit overwhelming, unless you purchase one of the many vacation packages that can sort it all out for you. This guide, however, aims to give you a few basic packing pointers to make the trip planning a little bit easier. Having everything you need before you set off will also decrease chances of having a panic-shop once you arrive- it’s supposed to be a vacation, after all.

How to Know Where to Go

A guidebook might also be helpful if you like tourist attractions. Good ones will come equipped with a map or directions that will help you navigate the chaotic streets. For those who are uncomfortable with setting out and about on their own, India tours are also available from major destinations throughout the country. The hotspots could be based on tantalizing the senses with culinary activities, visiting humbling holy places, and/or checking out the diverse natural scenery. Plus, some guidebooks have lists of helpful sayings, expressions, and questions with phonetic spellings for pronunciation assistance.

Anti-thievery Mechanism

As is the case with any place in the world, India is not immune to thievery. This can be particularly prevalent if you stand out in the crowd. In order to safe guard yourself against any potential unpleasantness that comes with having your things go missing, it’s advisable to get a lock for your suitcase or bag. If you have a backpack, a PacSafe is a really great metal netting that locks to a rod or pole. That way, you can sleep on a bus or train in transit worry-free.

Staying Hygienic

Another basic thing to take on a trip to India is hand sanitizer or wipes. With over one billion people in the country (plus tourists), it should come as no surprise that germs will spread. Soap is not always readily available when you want it, so taking your own in your handbag or pocket will turn out to be much more of a lifesaver than you’d initially think.

Staying Dry

Depending on the time of year and the location(s)that you intend to go to, you might run into some pretty frenetic rain and storms. India isn’t always hot and sunny, but you shouldn’t let that ruin your trip. Pack a strong but lightweight raincoat to make sure you don’t get stuck inside on vacation.

Staying Connected

The most important thing to take, though, is definitely a universal adapter and surge protector. You can order these online or find one in an electronics store. This will allow you to take, use, and charge any of your electronic devices without fear of blowing the fuse or even starting a fire. Plus, it would be a huge bummer to get all the way around the world for the trip of a lifetime, only to realize that your camera’s battery is dead!


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