3 Things to Look for in Custom Mascot Services

Mascot costumes are commonly worn by a school’s cheer team for a sporting event, and this may include elementary, junior high and high schools as well as colleges and universities. They are also worn during professional sporting events for football, basketball, baseball and other sports, and they may even be used by some businesses for marketing and promotional activities. Whether you need mascot costumes for a school, a business or even an organization, you understandably want to have a professional costume custom-made for your needs. When looking for services for custom mascots, look for these three important features to ensure the best results.


Costumes for custom mascots typically cover the entire body, and they often are rather thick and heavy to wear. In many instances, the individual wearing the costume must breathe in the limited amount of oxygen inside the costume, and this ultimately can create an unpleasant situation for the user. This is particularly true if the costume is not designed with breathability in mind. In some cases, the only air that is entering and exiting the costume is through the eye holes. Ideally, your costume will have several air vents built into it besides the eye holes to promote breathability.

Comfort Features

Mascot costumes may look cute and cuddly to others, but many costumes are unfortunately uncomfortable to wear. Your user may be required to wear the costume for several hours or longer at a time, so you want this costume to be comfortable. Air vents located in strategic locations throughout the costume may promote breathability, and they also can enhance climate control in the costume and prevent over-heating. In addition, if the costume is heavy, shoulder pads and head padding can make the costume more comfortable to wear.


Many costumes cover the individual from head to toe, and it is common for the user to wear a mask that covers his or her entire head. Limited visibility may be provided through two small eyeholes, but it can be dangerous to the user and others in his or her pathway for the user to have limited vision. The best costumes may appear to have two eyes outwardly, but they may give the user enhanced line of sight from the interior of the costume.

You may actively be shopping around for the right seamstress to work on your custom mascot costume needs. While you are interviewing different individuals or companies, inquire about these features. You may also ask about cost, time and other important factors, but these costume-specific factors can help to ensure that you get a costume that is more functional and comfortable for the user to wear.

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