6 Examples of Disability Discrimination In the Workplace

This may come as a surprise to many people, but disability discrimination in the workplace is a prominent issue for many businesses and companies. The demand for hiring a disability lawyer has slowly been increasing.

It is no secret that a workplace can be a battlefield. People, for whatever reason that may be, can make work a nightmare and many do so. They can be co-workers all the way up to the bosses; whoever they may – know that it is possible to reach out for help if you feel you are being discriminated against.

Here are six of the most prominent discrimination issues that are quite prominent in the workplace.

6 Disability Discrimination In The Workplace Cases That Are Prevalent

# 1 – Hostile Work Environment

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As mentioned people can make a workplace a nightmare; a real hell to visit. Workplace hostility does not have to deal with physical attacks or abuse but can deal with the emotional damage that is caused by gossiping, rumors, and sadly name-calling.

Some people NEVER grow up.

For many of the emotional damage, they get from being

# 2 – Denying Certain Company Facility

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To continue with the bullying and jovial mentality of co-workers and maybe the boss. If you have a disability and specific areas which you need to access are not accessible to you because of your disability, then that is also a sign of discrimination.

If there are no wheel-chair accessible ramps to enter a building or get to a particular room that could also be seen as discrimination and it isn’t too far-fetched to think that people would do this to make a job harder then it HAS to be.

# 3 – Denying Bonuses or Compensation

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Having your bonus delayed to the point that you do not even get the payment is a sign of discrimination; especially if other co-workers have received their bonuses.

# 4 – Denying Promotions

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If your work has gone far beyond what was needed and your promotion goes over to someone else – this may be a clear sign of discrimination, and a suit can be made against this.

# 5 – Making Disability Leave More Difficult Then It Needs To Be

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If you injured yourself on the workplace and had a field for a disability leave – yet are still forced to work the same hours while you may have your injury that is a CLEAR violation of the law, and you will be more then able to file a lawsuit against the comonay or business.

# 6 – Racial or Ethnic Discrimination

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Lastly, and this may come to no surprise, racial and ethnic discriminatory is one of the most prevalent discriminatory issues in the workplace. It is not that uncommon for people at a workplace to try and make the person who may be different life at work harder then it has to be.

Some People Never Grow Up

It is a realization that we must face in life. Most people never grow up, and the childish mentality that many had during the youth remains as they grow. However, if you have been discriminated against, then it is essential that you reach out to a lawyer who will be able to fight on your behalf.



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