How to Pick a Metal Roof

Aluminum and steel are the most common materials used in sheet metal fabrication. Other materials sometimes used are copper and alloys. You’re probably wondering which type of metal is best in sheet metal roofing. That answer depends on where you live and what’s most important in a roof for you. Below we will explain the benefits of each type of metal roofing to help you make the right decision for your home.

Steel Metal Roofing

Steel is a heavy, sturdy material, but it needs several coatings and finishes to protect it from corrosion and rust. A coating containing zinc is usually used for protection against corrosion. The steel is then sealed and coated with epoxy primer for adhesion. Color and additional protection is applied with a baked-on coating of acrylic. Sheet metal systems are commonplace in commercial roofing, so they feature highly durable paint finishes.

Metal Roofs Made of Aluminum

Aluminum roofing is very lightweight, making it easier to install. What homeowners love about aluminum metal roofs is they don’t rust. Aluminum panels are painted or coated to improve and customize their appearance. The coatings used on aluminum are similar to those used on steel. Aluminum isn’t as sturdy as steel, so it dents and mars more easily.

Copper Metal Roofs

Roofing can be made of copper, a material that won’t rust. Copper roofing materials aren’t coated or finished as it’s not needed. You won’t have the problem of the coating or finish peeling. Another plus of copper metal roofing is it naturally weathers to a beautiful verdigris patina. Copper metal roofs are usually more expensive than steel and aluminum.

Stainless Steel

If you want a steel roof that’s not at risk of corrosion when the protective coating diminishes, go with stainless steel. This material doesn’t rust or corrode. You can buy stainless steel sheet metal roofing with a terne coating for a natural matt grey finish.

Alloy Roofing

Roofing materials made of alloy metals are a mixture of different metals. There are many different alloys. In general, alloy metal roofing is expensive; it depends on the metals that make up the alloy. Alloy metal roofing is valued for its graceful weathering, strength, and durability.

Steel, stainless steel, alloys, copper, and aluminum are five different materials you’ll find used in metal roofing. Now that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each metal roofing material, you’re able to make a good decision on which type of metal roofing to buy for your home or business. Steel sheet metal roofing is designed for commercial application, but it can be used in residential areas too. Copper metal roofs have a certain charm that some homeowners love. Regardless of the type of metal you choose in a roof, this type of roofing is long-lasting, fire-resistant, and insect-resistant.

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