14 Fishing Gift Basket Ideas for Him and Her

A custom handmade fishing gift basket is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman in your life who can’t put down his rod. Any fisherman will appreciate a mix of practical fishing gifts and exciting fishing accessories in your circle of family and friends. Assembling them inside a gift basket also adds a unique presentation. Even better, you only need to wrap the basket, not each item, making it easy to put together and hand over to a loved one.

Here are fourteen fishing gift basket ideas you may want to include:

Idea #1: Fishing Line

A fishing line is always a must-have and an affordable buy for any fishing gift basket. It can be tucked in anywhere there’s available space. A fishing line makes an excellent addition to gift baskets Canada.

Idea #2: Fishing T-Shirt

A funny fishing t-shirt or witty fishing shirt can be rolled up and set into a gift basket with ease. There are lots of fishing-themed t-shirts online, but if you can’t find anything that suits the gift recipient, there are places that allow you to personalize a shirt to the person.

Idea #3: Fishing Books

A simple gift to include in a basket is a few appropriately-sized fishing books. These books can either be a how-to guide on some aspect of fishing, a book written by their favourite fishing personality, or something entirely different but still in line with the theme of the gift basket.

Idea #4: Fishing Lures

A great thing about a fishing gift basket is that so many items you’ll put in are already naturally small. It’s easy to stock in a lot. Fishing lures are a great example. They’re small and colourful. If you know what lures your fisherman already prefers to use, that’s a great start. There are hundreds of possibilities in all shapes and sizes.

Idea #5: Fishing Reels

Fishing reels fit great inside any gift basket, but they require you to know your fisherman a bit. Fishing reels vary from those for baitcast to spinning reels, saltwater reels, and fly reels. Different brands are also available, complicating things a bit about the best fishing reel. Instead of guessing, if you don’t know, ask someone else who would, like a friend who’s been fishing with your gift recipient before.

Idea #6: Fishing Multi-Tool

If you’re nervous about buying fishing gear, one item that is sure to come in handy is a multi-tool. A fishing multi-tool might have a hook remover, scale scraper, tape measure, bait cutter, knife, scissors, flashlight, and bottle opener. It’s a fairly standard size and can be used in multiple varieties of fishing. A fishing multi-tool is also small, so it’s a perfect size to fit into a basket.

Idea #7: Fishing Snacks

Adding some easy-to-carry snacks is inexpensive to build up your fishing gift basket. Sunflower seeds, pistachios, roasted salted almonds, or some make-your-own trail mix are welcome.

Idea #8: Gift Card

Add a gift card to your basket if your fisherman has a favourite store they like to pick up their fishing gear. This allows them to pick and choose the sort of gear or accessories they know they need.

Idea #9: Fishing Insect Repellent

Mosquito bites when fishing can ruin the day, but being near water, bugs will be around. Fishing insect repellent is a saviour. A little repellent will mean the only bites someone gets while fishing is what’s on the other end of their fishing line.

Idea #10: Fishing Tackle Box

If the person you’re buying for has a low-quality tackle box or their fishing box is starting to break down, this might be a chance to buy them a newer fishing tackle box. You may even be able to make one yourself or hire someone to do a custom design fishing tackle box. Any fishing box to help someone keep their items, materials, and accessories organized is a smart gift.

Idea #11: Fishing Log Book

A fishing look book, or a fishing journal, allows the person to record trip details, weather conditions, fish caught, and any other notes they may find relevant. These log books are very handy to have for someone who might be travelling across an extended area.

Idea #12: Ground Coffee

A lot of people who fish are early risers. A nice ground coffee they wouldn’t normally buy will provide a kick in their step as they pour some into a thermos and get going down to their favourite spot.

Idea #13: Fishing-Themed Mug

This is a little knick-knack sort of thing you can use to accessorize your basket. A cute, fun fish-themed mug will drive home the right vibe and make them smile.

Idea #14: Fishing-Themed Décor

Suppose you’re struggling to fill a basket. Set your sights on getting some fishing-themed home décor. You can find many unique examples online across sites like Etsy and Amazon. You might also discover one or two things at your local thrift store. You don’t want to overdo it on the décor, but two or three items can help fill your basket in a fun way.

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