Saving Money by Staying in a Furnished Apartment During Business Travel

The most common accommodation for business travelers is a hotel. Hotels are plentiful in major cities and usually have discounts for frequent guests. The problem with hotels, though, is that they are impersonal, large and busy. Short-term furnished apartments are an excellent alternative to hotels and make traveling for business a comfortable experience.

If you are going to be in one location for more than a few days, a short term rental apartment can make your stay a lot more comfortable. Apartments are a lot quieter than hotels because there are fewer guests staying in the same building.

Food is one of the biggest expenses of business travelers. Staying in a furnished apartment for the duration of your business trip can save a significant amount of money because, with a kitchen in the unit, you can prepare your own meals.

Another benefit of short-term furnished apartments for business travelers is the ability to do your own laundry. While many hotels have laundry service, they have a drop-off and pick-up schedule that isn’t convenient for everyone. The ability to launder your clothes when you need to is a luxury you will only find in a short term rental apartment while you are on your business trip.

When business trips last longer than a week, travelers can miss their family. It is nearly impossible to bring a family on a business trip when you stay in a hotel. When you choose a furnished apartment, though, your family can travel with you and enjoy local attractions while you work. Because a furnished apartment has many of the same amenities as you do at home, such as cable television, an equipped kitchen and high-speed internet access, your family can rest comfortably in the apartment while you attend business meetings.

There are aspects of hotels that many business travelers enjoy. For example, when you leave your hotel room for the day, you can be certain that it will be clean when you return. You will have clean towels in your tiny bathroom and clean sheets on your bed. Travelers who stay at short-term rental housing can receive some of the same housekeeping services. Unlike housekeeping services at a hotel, where the staff clean on a daily basis, standard housekeeping in furnished apartments is provided weekly.

Short-term housing is more likely to be located a suburban area than downtown, which may require you to drive to your business meetings. Another benefit of short term rental apartments is that you will likely find a parking space for your rental car included in with your apartment, so you will not have to worry about hotel parking fees.

Whether you need to stay in the furnished apartment for a week or several months, your time in short-term housing will be as comfortable as home. Guests are provided with a complete set of living room, bedroom and dining room furniture. Many apartments have a desk and chair and Wi-Fi access. Kitchens include all of the supplies you will need to prepare your meals. You can expect to find table settings, flatware, glasses, cookware, baking dishes, a cookie sheet, a coffee maker and a toaster. Don’t be surprised to find supplies for cleaning up after the meal.

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